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A drone is a very popular photography and cinematography products nowadays. But footage directly from a drone is not as good as you want. Right! That is because the drone camera sensor is very small and it captures a short amount of light.

These 5 best lightroom presets for your drone photography will play the game of photo editing. These presets instantly improve the quality of your photo and balance the colors, contrast, so well.

If you don’t have the time to read this entire amount of informative article, you can choose this neutral lightroom presets for your drone photography. This preset is very good at any photo. I use it in all of my drone pictures.

Is This Presets Compatible With All Other Devices?

Lightroom presets dng and XMP format files are very capable to support the entire smart device you have like desktop pc, laptops, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones. That is because adobe provides user-friendly software and app for your devices.

On a mobile device, dng format image keeps all the presets data. In this pack, we are giving two types of files, one for your mobile devices and another for your desktop compatible software.

Is Presets Worth The Money?

Every photographer has his own style of image editing. Right!

So, as a beginner, you don’t know any editing skills. Then you can buy the pro photographer presets for educational purposes and try it on your pictures. A Preset is a pre-made file that kept the editing data to the previous file and you can apply it in any photo.

Drone Photography Lightroom Presets Pin Image

With adobes latest version of lightroom you can easily use any presets and also you can use these presets on adobe camera raw you are using. So that’s why you use such presets I suggest you in the list below:

+30 HDR DJI Mavic Pro Drone Lightroom Presets

DJI drone is a very popular product in the drone industry. That’s why we pike this drone presets in the first. I have a DJI drone and it’s a great product I must say. But without any photo editing, the photo looks so creepy.

Hdr Drone Photography Lightroom Presets

If you don’t know any photo editing work or just download this lightroom presets and see the magic.

20 Cinematic Drone Lightroom Presets

In this Lightroom Presets Pack we are discussing some of the most important presets of drone photography from which you can make your photography in a better way.

20 Cinematic Drone Lightroom Presets

Final Words

Many of us who do drone photography is not satisfied with its pictures because it is not so good to see the pictures that are from direct drones. So in this article, we have discussed all the life of drone photography that will take your photography to another level.

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