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10 Best Free Lightroom Presets For Beach Photos

Every travel and beach photographer you know they are busy with his work. They don’t have enough time to edit their photos. So in this article, I’m going to share with you how you can able to edit faster using these free lightroom presets for beach photos in just one click.

These lightroom presets are specially made for travel photographers who take photos on the beach and edits instantly on his phone right next to him. You can easily use them on their lightroom mobile and also lightroom classic cc on your laptop.

Traveling is the most trending topic in 2020. Everyone takes photos when they travel.

Travel Photo Story

Recently I have visited the world’s largest sea beach in Bangladesh. It called Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. There I took some beach photos of my family and friends and when I look after my photos there very unprofessional. So I decided to create a lightroom preset pack for these beach photos.

10 Best Free Lightroom Presets For Beach Photos

In this section, I’ll provide a short answer and my thought about this free lightroom presets. If you use this lightroom preset on your photos it looks stunning and very professional to your beach and travel photos. These are very natural and give a colorful look to you.

Installing Lightroom Presets on Mobile

How to install presets to Lightroom Mobile (IPHONE)Opens in a new tab.

In 2020 lightroom update a great app for his mobile user. You can just easily install your lightroom preset on your mobile phone. Here in lightroom mobile app you can simply import DNG photoOpens in a new tab. format file and copy file data and create a preset for your mobile. Then you can easily apply in just one click to all of your photos.

Installing Lightroom Presets on PC and MAC

How to Install Lightroom Presets – the SIMPLE way

You know that installing a lightroom preset is easier then you think. If you have a lightroom classic cc on your laptop then and it is very easy to install. Here is the full guide tutorial on install preset on adobe lightroom classic cc?

1. Traveler Lightroom Presets

I like to travel a lot. Traveling is the most favorite hobby of my life. I started to travel when I was 10 years old. I think you took lots of photos when you are to travel. But those photos are directly from your camera and they don’t look very good (Right).

This presets pack is very good for travel photographers. It is so vibrant with the orange and teal look on it. You can use them all of your travel and beach photos without any hesitation.

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Benefits of using Orange and Teal Lightroom Presets

There are two benefits of using orange and teal lightroom presets on your travel photos.

  1. Travel photos are always very harsh. That’s when you apply orange and teal preset on your photos it looks very good without any tweaking.
  2. Travel photos always have a big blue sky or a beach in the background. Then this preset is definitely works for you. Because when you apply this preset on your photos. The sky and color of your image change drastically.

These presets are tested with all of my devices. As a photographer and traveler, I use all of these presets to speed up my workflow. In most cases, these preset will look horrible to your photos. Don’t worry about it. It’s oK.

Just tweak and fix the white balanceOpens in a new tab. and exposure of your photo. That will help you to get better out of this lightroom preset.

2. 50 Epic Iceland Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets

These 50 Epic Iceland lightroom presets are compatible with your lightroom mobile and desktop. These presets are specifically made for Iceland photos. But you can also use them in all of your landscape and nature photos.

This preset is a true color booster with a natural feel into it. This is true mobile support lightroom preset.

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Is There Any Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Required?

There is no Adobe Creative Cloud for your lightroom mobile. You just sign in to the application and import the DNG format file from the gallery copy and paste it.

But if you are using lightroom desktop and mac, you need to subscribe to there monthly plans. Otherwise, you can’t use some of there features.

3. Bounty Beach Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

This Bounty Beach presets are made for beach photo lover. These presets will add brighten and soft vibes to your photos. It looks very bright to all of your photos.

However, you can always individually tweak and change the adjustment of exposureOpens in a new tab., color, white balance to your photos. These presets are compatible with lightroom mobile and desktop.

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4. 50 Tropical Lightroom Presets and LUTs

This presets is perfect for Instagram influencers and social media. This lightroom preset gives you a clean and filmic tone look to your beach photos.

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Our 10 Best Sellers Urban Lightroom Presets Free Download in 2020 is the best presets collection. You can download this presets also for your mobile.

This presets is the best skin tone color on it. Your skin will protected and give a natural tone. This preset is compatible with lightroom mobile and the preset let you edit on the go and directly post from your mobile.

Also, this preset collection has 50 adobe premiere pro luts included. You can use them on your travel video and upload that on youtube.

5. 50 Wanderlust Lightroom Presets LUTs

This 50 Wanderlust Free Lightroom Presets For Beach Photos you would like. As like other presets this collection have 50 presets and video luts included.

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Take these presets for your next destination and apply them to your photos. It’s looking very professional and natural filters. Your instagram followers and youtube subscribers will love your photo and video colors.

6. Beach Vibes Mobile Lightroom Presets

Beach is the favorite place to visit and every photo of there are look good. But not great without proper editing. These beach lightroom presets will help you a lot of you editing. These are the creative market preset.

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7. Beach Look Free Lightroom Preset

Instagram travel bloggers are always want best presets for there beach photos. But no one gonna give them a good kinda presets with all the supports. But not today, This preset pack have all the wanted tools and filters as you need for your feed.

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8. Aqua Beach Lightroom Presets

This aqua preset contain beach vibes and orange teal look. Your landscapes and beach portrait will look very colorful. This is the most beautiful and popular style all around the preset collection we have.

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9. Beach Photo Lightroom Mobile Presets

Lightroom presets are always great to have on your device. Some presets are good and some bad. But you can always adjust as you want. This beach preset looks so doop and moody to all of your travel photos.

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10. Cinematic Travel & Beach Mobile Lightroom Presets

As you can see this preset pack is very good for portrait photos. The skin tone of this preset is very unique compared to other lightroom presets. You can definitely try these presets to all of your travel and portrait photos.

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In this article, I have covered all about 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets For Beach Photos. I hope this lightroom mobile presets will develop and fast your travel photo editing workflow. Thank you.

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