How To Rotate Image In Lightroom Classic CC 2020?



How to rotate image in lightroom classic cc

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This lesson we’re going to learn how to rotate image in lightroom classic cc. So select a photo that you want to edit then click the develop module tab up at the top.

Now you have your adjustment options over on the right with lots of different menus. You can just open these different windows by clicking the arrow or the triangle on the right-hand side of the title. And there’s also some presets over here on the left-hand side to adjust the size of your windows.

Sometimes I’m just not using this stuff over here right now. Something to click this little arrow on the left-hand side and then say I want even more room at the top and I don’t need this menu up here.

I can click this arrow and then if I just hover over it. I can click on it up there which allows me to have a bigger canvas for editing.

Same here, I can click down to get rid of that sort of tray at the bottom with all our photos. OK, so crop you want to click this little box that has like the dotted line around the edge. Click that and that brings up our crop options.

You’ll also notice that sort of an overlay with corners that look like you might be able to do something with them by hovering over them. And also this grid which allows us to use things like the rule of thirds and to strain and horizons and things like that in an easier way.

So you picked a photo.

It’s a nice photo.

It’s a lovely background.

Whoever that guy looks kind on the photo. But it’s kind of centred and awkwardly to the left of the frame.

So I want to use more of the rule of thirds with this photo. So the easiest way to crop or the quickest is just to click and drag one of the sides of the corner and sort of drag in or out.

You’ll notice that right now the aspect ratio is locked to the original.

So here’s this little lock icon. If I unlock that I can drag this anywhere I can make a super skinny photo I could make it super wide. And if I finished that so say drag it.

That kind of ends the cropping and then I can move my photo around in that crop this way. When you’re done you just click the done button at the bottom or press the return key on your keyboard.

But I’m not done because that’s a really awkward photo and crop you see now that this aspect is custom.

Because that’s what I create just by clicking and dragging. But if I click this custom menu you can see that there are different preset options for Aspect ratio as shot which is usually what I leave and then I just zoom in or out or it’s kind of like zooming in by driving in and out and moving around.

Or I use one of these other presets like one to one which is a good aspect ratio for Instagram or eight and a half by 11 which is good for prints or five by seven which is another common print size.

You could even enter custom ones like I’ve done here with 1920 by 10 80 which is perfect for TV screens or mobile device screens.

So you can create your own custom ones.

I’m going to leave it like a shot but I’m just going to drag in slightly and try to put my face sort of more on that left line or maybe because I’m actually facing I’m turned the other way I might move over here just a little bit.

Something like that tries to get my eyes closed that intersection of these lines so that I’m following the rule of thirds.

You can also rotate by hovering over the corner and dragging to the left or right if you want to try to make my eyes more aligned or more parallel along those lines.

You also have this angle which is cool a quick way to adjust the rotation of an image as well. So say we’re happy with that.

I’m going to press return on my keyboard and now we have cropped it. Let me go find another image and I’ll show you a really cool trick.

Let’s say this one of Sam in the background. OK.

So, in general, you want to make sure that your horizons are flat. This one’s kind of tricky because there’s mountains song going to stick with this one.

You know there’s not a horizon this is a good example. If we go into our crop click this sort of ruler tool of this level next to angle what we can do now is drag along any straight line which typically would be your horizon and then Lightroom will automatically rotate the image so that perfectly straight across your image.

So that’s a quick way to actually level any photos that have a horizon in it. A good trick to now.

OK so let’s go back to this photo and we are looking good with our crop.

And then the next lessons we’re going to start editing it fixing things like exposure or white balance and that kind of stuff too.

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