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Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

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A lot of times we go on a picnic with our family and take some pictures for our family. But there are some pictures we capture that came out very dark and underexposed. Right!

The reason the images came out very dark. Because we couldn’t get the right exposure and the right camera setting for that time. In today’s article, I am going to share with you some pretty cool light and airy lightroom preset for absolutely free to download.

So if your picture is ever came out very dark and if you want to recover that. Then this lightroom preset of ours will help you a lot to save your picture from being damaged.

What is inside the Free Lightroom Presets zip?

Basic Panel:

  • CameraProfile=”Adobe Standard”
  • Exposure=”0.00″
  • Contrast2012=”+10″
  • Highlights2012=”+24″
  • Shadows2012=”+72″
  • Whites2012=”0″
  • Blacks2012=”-42″
  • Clarity2012=”+11″
  • Vibrance=”-7″
  • Saturation=”-19″

HSL Adjustment:


  • Hue Adjustment Red=”+40″
  • Hue Adjustment Orange=”-3″
  • Hue Adjustment Yellow=”-52″
  • Hue Adjustment Green=”-96″
  • Hue Adjustment Aqua=”+47″
  • Hue Adjustment Blue=”-20″
  • Hue Adjustment Purple=”0″
  • Hue Adjustment Magenta=”0″


  • Saturation Adjustment Red=”0″
  • Saturation Adjustment Orange=”+29″
  • Saturation Adjustment Yellow=”+13″
  • Saturation Adjustment Green=”-26″
  • Saturation Adjustment Aqua=”+88″
  • Saturation Adjustment Blue=”0″
  • Saturation Adjustment Purple=”0″
  • Saturation Adjustment Magenta=”0″


  • Luminance Adjustment Red=”-9″
  • Luminance Adjustment Orange=”-9″
  • Luminance Adjustment Yellow=”+52″
  • Luminance Adjustment Green=”+40″
  • Luminance Adjustment Aqua=”+43″
  • Luminance Adjustment Blue=”0″
  • Luminance Adjustment Purple=”0″
  • Luminance Adjustment Magenta=”0″

Split Tonning

  • Shadow Hue=”56″
  • Shadow Saturation=”10″
  • Highlight Hue=”35″
  • Highlight Saturation=”21″
  • Balance=”0″

How Light & Airy Preset Work In Your Pictures?

There are times when we go on a picnic with the family or take pictures of our kids, often due to lack of knowledge of photography. We capture some underexpose photos.

But we take those pictures at a time when that time will never be found again. Our Lightroom presets will help you to get back the pictures you took so bad.

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Light and airy preset usually brighten up your image and your shadows. With just a few clicks, you can re-edit your image to your liking. Ours presets are generally applicable to all types of images.

These presets will look even more beautiful. If you are a fashion photographer or an Instagram blogger. After using our light and airy presets, your photo feed will reach your audience in a very beautiful way.

Light and Airy Lightroom Presets YouTube Video Tutorial

If you think you have any problem installing or using this preset pack then you can watch our youtube video. Where we discussed all the topics and showed you directly how to use this light and airy presets.

How to edit underexposed photos in lightroom

The video will help you learn how to use Lightroom presets on your mobile or computer and a realistic image is shown through this video. Where you can see what your picture looks like after editing.

What’s Includes Light and Airy Lightroom Presets Colllection?

This collection has many beautiful bright and light lightroom presets. Where you will find these.

  • 20 Original Lightroom Presets for the MOBILE Lightroom App (DNG files)
  • 20 Lightroom Presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5. or 7.3 and newer (XMP files)
  • Detailed directions (video & pdf) for using presets with the FREE mobile Lightroom app – no subscription required! (DNG files)
  • Additional instructions for installing the presets on your desktop version of Lightroom (XMP files)

Some Before and After Example

By looking at these pictures below, you can understand how your picture will look after editing with the light and airy lightroom presets.


It really feels bad when the pictures are ruined. Because those pictures show us a beautiful moment. In this article, I have explained how to retrieve your photo and with it a nice light and airy lightroom presets that will easily edit your photo again.

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