Nikon D7500 Metering Modes Explained in (Complete Guide)

When comes to metering mode on a Nikon camera or any other camera is very important for all around lighting control after capturing any photo. Right!

Why metering mode is important? Metering mode is an essentials element when you set your camera for photography. Your camera doesn’t know what lighting out there. But if you set your camera on correct metering mode for that time, your camera must be able to capture that image beautifully.

In this article, I have discussed very well the most important aspect of photography and Nikon D7500 camera setting. Which is the metering mode? If you read this full guideline then, of course, you will be one step ahead of others in photography.

All of us who do photography use Nikon’s camera a lot. The reason Nikon uses cameras is because many professional photographers who have taken photography seriously and big magazines such as National Geographic Photography also use Nikon’s best models of cameras.

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Nikon D7500 Metering Modes Explained A Complete Guide
Nikon D7500 Metering Modes Explained A Complete Guide

The Nikon brand has many entry level cameras for beginners. But they also have these entry level mid-range professional cameras that are widely discussed such as Nikon D7500 and more.

This camera is one step ahead of the entry level camera and has all the professional features like professional cameras. So, the Nikon D7500 camera is very popular for those who want to take photography seriously.

What is Metering Modes?

Metering mode is an essential and very important when you capture photos. It measures the brightness of the subject.

If you are a beginner photographer and want to know about the best camera setting for your Nikon camera. You already heard that the three important is Aperture (F), Shutter Speed, and ISO. The three things you need to know for starting photography. But it only measures the camera built in sensor for the brightness.

It does not measure the camera overall brightness of the frame. That’s why you need to know the overall camera setting before taking any steps into photography. You need to understand all the camera settings. Here is an official product overview by Nikon on Camera Basic.

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Why Metering Mode is Important To Know?

There are some things that remain unknown after we buy a camera. There are some things that are very small but very important. Metering mode is one of them.

There are three things we usually notice when we hold the camera in our hands that is aperture, shutter speed and ISO. But there are plenty of different and important things that will take your photography to another level.

Suppose you took a picture. But your picture turned white or dark. Here the important reason is your camera couldn’t measure the overall exposure of the sensor.

How Many Modes In Nikon D7500 Metering Mode?

So early we talked about exposure and how your camera decides what exposure to pick. Now usually does that of the internal meter inside your camera.

Now we can decide how we want the camera to actually meter what we’re looking at.

So let’s go back to the camera menu. We’ll go ahead and hit the (I) information. So we get to our menu. Move over to metering and Hit OK.

Now we have three different modes here. So, the three different modes are:

  • Matrix metering
  • Center weighted metering
  • Spot metering

These are all pretty much exactly what they say they are.

Understanding Metering Modes YouTube Video

Understanding Metering Modes

What is Matrix Metering Mode?

Matrix metering is going to take you your scene and it’s going to look at the entire scene and decide what it believes is the best exposure for the entire sort of scene.

It’s basically pulling from every corner and every position of the shot. It will then take that and decide what the best exposure would be for that project.

What is Center Weighted Metering Mode?

Center weighted metering means that it’s going to look at the center of the frame and decide what the best exposure is based on the center of the frame.

It’s basically disregarding the corners and picking center weight.

This is a good example when you’re trying to center a portrait or you’re taking a single picture of one object that is center in your frame.

What is Spot Metering Mode?

Finally, the third metering is spot metering is basically an even smaller point of metering that it’s going to pick.

And this is really good when you have a dark subject up against a really bright background or a bright background up against a dark subject.

If you want to pick a specific spot you can use the same little red box or focus box to pick that spot for your exact metering.

The Best Metering Modes For Portraits and Sports Photography?

Now because you’re just getting started and you’re trying to find the correct exposure. I would tend to focus and keep your metering on matrix metering.

This is really going to be the best spot for you to get a really well-rounded exposure for your photo.

But in my opinion the metering mode depends on a lighting situation. The best metering mode I have found for portrait photography is the spot metering mode. Because it increases the light on all sides of a face and makes the eyes, ears and the hole face more sharpe.

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For sports photography, I use metric metering mode. But when I take a picture targeting a subject I must use spot metering mode. It depends on what kind of picture you are taking and in what lighting situation you are taking that picture.

Does D7500 Highlight Metering Works Well?

Highlight metering mode is a great metering mode in my opinion. Because this metering is commonly used when I go out to take outdoor pictures. I use this metering mode 90% of the time when I take pictures and it gives me a lot of positive exposure compensation.

Final Words

Many things remain unknown to us when we buy a new camera, but over time we also learn and know. This article discusses one of Nikon’s most talked cameras Nikon D7500. Which gives you an idea of the full guideline camera setting.

If the basic knowledge can be improved from the beginning of photography, then it can be done much better in the future. In order to take a picture, we first need to know what it is light and how to fix this light. If you can’t control this light then photography is not possible by you to take great photos.

So in this article, we have given the idea of metering mode which will give you a lot of idea about your sensor to control the light.

Thank You.

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