Why Are My Presets Not Showing In Lightroom Desktop And Mobile?

Lightroom is an industry stranded photo editing software for beginner and professional photographer. But every year adobe gives us an update with lots of bugs and issues. We need to resolve these issues in no time.

why are my presets not showing in lightroom? This problem can be seen for two reasons. First It is not visible if you have not installed your Lightroom Presets properly or With the new update of software comes some changes of settings that we forgot to change.

In this article, we’ve covered all of Lightroom’s issues very clearly after the new update, which will get you out of your situation. This is a step by step guide about why won’t your presets show up in lightroom desktop and mobile and also with installing lightroom presets properly.

Xmp Presets Not Showing Up In Lightroom? (Update 2020)

Lightroom recently introduces the XMP format file to there presets files. Back then they use the IRTEMPLATE file format for all of there presets.

And you won’t believe that this is why the lightroom is super slow in the past. But this new format of files is so light and easy to use in both lightroom classic and also in photoshop cc.

Now, why XMP presets not showing up in lightroom? It because after the new lightroom update you need to update your old irtemplate file format to xmp file format. If you have done this correctly, definitely your presets will show up in the develop section.


Where Are My Presets In Lightroom Classic?

Finding lightroom presets on your desktop is really an easy thing to do. First thing you have to open lightroom software. Depending on which device windows & mac. Then follow these steps to find them.

Step 1. Find Preferences From Top Of Lightroom Classic Menu

Depending on Mac and Window device you would see a different setting. If you are using a windows device go to the top menu > then find edit > below in the edit section, you will find the preferences option.

But if you are using mac then you will find Preferences directly from the top of the menu bar. Click it and it will pop up a dialog box opens.

Step 2. Select Presets Option From The Popup Menu

In this presets option, below you will find two different file option

  1. Show Lightroom Develop Presets
  2. Show All Other Lightroom Presets

What is in show lightroom develop presets?

In lightroom develop presets section, you will find all of those presets that you have developed. After installing lightroom in your desktop, you can create your own lightroom presets in the develop section of your lightroom classic. There you can create your own lightroom presets.

What is in the show all other lightroom presets?

And in this section, you will find all other lightroom presets you have. You will find these kinds of folders there.

  1. Color Profiles
  2. Develop Presets
  3. Export Actions
  4. Export Presets
  5. External Editor Presets
  6. Filename Templates
  7. Filter Presets
  8. Import Presets
  9. Keyword Sets
  10. Label Sets
  11. Local Adjustment Presets
  12. Locations
  13. Metadata Presets
  14. Preferences
  15. Smart Collection Templates
  16. Watermarks

Instantly Fix The Presets Problem in Window and Mac

If all of these options are OK and your software issues aren’t OK then you can do one more thing.

Open your lightroom again. If you are using windows, then go to the top of the menu section and click on edit. You will find your preferences option. Click on it.

Now if you are using Mac, then you will directly find the preferences option from the top menu.

In the presets section you need to check and uncheck two options.

Step 1. Uncheck

In the presets section you will find an option called Location. These you have to uncheck the Store Presets With This Catalog.

Step 2. Check

You have already done your first option. Now, in the presets section you will find an option called Visibility. You need to check the option called Show Partially Compatible Develop Presets.

If you done all of these steps properly. Your presets will show in the left side of develop section.

How To Fix Lightroom Presets Problem In Mobile?

If you are using a iphone or any android device and you presets are not showing. The follow these steps. It will defienetly fix your problem.

Step 1. Check Your Lightroom Update

Sometimes if you use old software application on your mobile. Then many new things are not updated in your mobile. So this can cause problems.

Step 2. Clear Lightroom Applications Cache

Some of the applications we use on our mobiles are stored on our memory card or phone memory. So that all the old information will float in front of our eyes whenever we launch the application.

If this old information that we say in the case becomes too much then your application becomes slow. It can cause various problems. So it is better to keep it clean at all times.

Step 3. Force Stop Your Application

Sometimes any of our mobile app runs in the background for a long time and it freezes. So if you have any problem with this app. Then you can restart the software from the beginning with this option called force stop.

Step 4. Uninstall Lightroom App and Install It Again

If none of the above options solve your problem, you can uninstall and reinstall the application. Installing new software or application will delete the old files that you forgot on your memory card and updating the new software will solve your problem.

Final Words

Lightroom is a very powerful photo editing software and one that is so powerful that you can use it on your mobile phone. But from time to time there are many new updates in all these modern software and applications. These new updates add a lot of new features to the application and software.

And these new features may not work as a result of frequent updates on older mobile devices, so my small effort in this article solves your problems.

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