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Winter Lightroom Mobile Presets

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Winter is the perfect season for photographs. But without a solid edit, none of your pictures looks great. So editing is so important for your great pictures. This article is all about winter presets for lightroom mobile free download 

So why these 10 Winter Presets Lightroom Mobile is different from others? These winter lightroom presets are optimized and compatible with your mobile lightroom application. These presets are very minimalist, colorful, and enhance your pictures. These winter presets are perfect for your Landscapes, Snowmobiling, Snowfall, Skiing, Snowboarding, and other winter activity.

This winter Lightroom presets will help you to edit your cold photos like a landscape of a lake full of ice and sun shines on this lake ice or A mountain filled with snow or winter cold fashion portraits. These preset will “pop” your photos to your audience.

What is Lightroom Mobile Presets?

Lightroom Mobile Presets are types of files that you can use on your pictures to edit in just one click. The term preset means is everything is set up before. Every photographer has his own style. So stay with us to see some more exciting presets.

Quick Installation

You can just download and unzip this folder on your mobile. Then import the .dng file to your lightroom mobile app and copy the setting of your .dng file to your other photos. If you don’t understand then you can watch this video with a full guide on how you can import photos into Lightroom mobile app. I hope this video will help you a lot.

Supported Features and Compatibility

Gear Recommendations 

The most important gear that what you have in your pocket. That is your Smart Phone. Every Photographer who is passionate about his work needs a quality camera, lens, and accessories. So we are giving our best recommendations for favorite gear. I hope it will help you a lot to be a better photographer.

Camera: Canon M50

The Mobile Phone camera is great but not the best. If you want to be a good photographer you need a good quality camera. That is why I’m suggesting The Canon M50 Mirrorless camera. This camera is very budget-friendly for a beginner photographer who wants to take quality pictures. 

A DSLR camera is good but in 2020 these cameras getting old. But they are also good for photographers. Mirrorless cameras are budget-friendly, easy to use and so lightweight.

Lens: Kit and Prime Lens

The kit lens comes with the camera body. But the prime is the lens you need to buy. This is the first lens that every photographer collects to their collection. It has a wide focal length of f1.8. This is the best lens for low light pictures and also it will blur the background of your subject.

Important Note: About Photography

In your photography journey, the main and the most important thing is how you use the source of light. Lighting is the most critical thing. If you learn the uses of your light, you can easily take great and professional-looking pictures.

Check Out The 10 Winter Presets Lightroom Mobile Free Download:

10 Winter Lightroom Presets

We know the snow is white and we have a lot of problems taking pictures in this snowy area. If you are a new photographer, many times your picture can be brighter. This lightroom winter presets will help you a lot to recover all those pictures and arrange them in the same way as other pictures in your album.

In this preset pack, you have a lightroom preset for your mobile and also for your computer which is very nice for your outdoor pictures.

10 Christmas Tree Winter Presets

Christmas is a time of choice for all of us. After a lot of snow outside at this time and getting a lot of gifts from relatives and parents. We captured these memories on camera, but sometimes it was not so good to see the pictures. So our Christmas Lightroom Presets Pack is surrounded by those memories. It will also help to edit the pictures very easily.

10 Winter Presets Lightroom Mobile Free

You went for a walk with your family and had a nice time there and captured those moments on camera but came home and saw that your pictures were not looking so good. Because when it snows outside, sunlight or outside light has a very hard effect, so after our subject, many pictures get worse because of getting more lights.

All of these problems we see most often when growing up outside and this problem is most common during the winter. We have solved all the problems of this Lightroom preset pack. You can easily use these things on your computer and mobile.

10 Lightroom Presets For Winter Landscapes

For those of us who are involved in the photography profession and who love to do landscape photography, I think winter is the best season. In winter, the color of the earth takes on a completely different form. At this time the mountains, rivers, and streams are covered with ice.

Those who have seen the most beautiful landscape photography must have seen most of the winter landscapes. Because this is the time that creates a different feeling in your photos.

Our presets will help you to capture all those landscape photography pictures in a beautiful way.


So basically this is how we help photographers and photo editor who is absolutely great at their work. Lightroom is the most reliable and easy picture editing software for photographers. If you download and install these 10 Winter Presets Lightroom Mobile Free Download. It will be greater. Happy Editing, Happy Clicking. Thank you

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