How to Add Dotted Line in Google Docs: Step by Step Guide



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In this tech-savvy era, Google Docs has soared to incredible popularity, emerging as a go-to word processing tool. Its vast array of formatting options empowers you to amplify the visual allure of your documents.

Among these captivating choices lies the art of adding a dotted line – a versatile gem that can elegantly divide sections, fashion signatures, or spotlight essential information.

So, brace yourself to embark on a wondrous journey as we unravel the secrets of incorporating a dotted line into your Google Docs masterpiece.

Step 1: Accessing Google Docs

First and foremost, fire up your favorite web browser and journey to the enchanted land of Google Docs ( If you have yet to enter this digital realm, sign in to your Google account fervently.

Step 2: Creating a New Document

Upon crossing the portal, spot the enticing “+ New” button, graciously positioned on the left-hand side of your screen. Draw it near and select “Google Docs” from the dropdown, thus birthing a fresh document – a blank canvas for your artistic ambitions.

Step 3: Inserting a Horizontal Line

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the ethereal art of horizontal line conjuration. Where you desire this line of allure to grace your document, position your cursor there and command the mystical “Insert” tab, majestically reigning atop your screen’s menu bar. In this trove of options, anoint a “Horizontal line” to set the enchantment in motion.

Step 4: Modifying the Line Color

Behold the monochrome majesty of the black default hue! But if your creative spirit yearns for a chromatic escapade, fear not, for customization is at hand. With a simple click upon the line, you shall select it, and from the wondrous toolbar aloft the screen, baptize it in a hue of your choosing. The palette offers a range of predefined colors, yet should none fulfill your chromatic desires, ascend to the heavens with the “+” icon to craft a custom hue.

Go To Google Docs
Go To Google Docs

Step 5: Formatting the Line

Seeking to bestow the line with your artistic flourish? Fret not, for the mighty “Format” tab, a pinnacle of empowerment, awaits your invocation. Bestow upon it a reverent click and journey to a realm of wonders – line style, line thickness, and line transparency, all awaiting your decree.

Step 6: Adjusting the Line Thickness

Harness the power of the blue-hued handles, emerging at both ends of the line. With the masterful art of a double-headed arrow, grasp these handles and bend the line to your will, altering its thickness as desired.

Step 7: Setting Line Length

Gaze upon the line, your visual symphony. To adjust its length, hover your cursor upon one of the handle sentinels flanking the line. A mere click and drag shall produce a mesmerizing transformation, molding the line to the precise length your vision craves.

Step 8: Customizing Line Style

As the creator of your document’s destiny, a panoply of line styles is laid bare before you. Behold, the “Format” tab, once more, beckoning you to choose a style: solid, dotted, dashed, or the wily double, eager to bestow visual verve upon your creation.

Step 9: Adding a Dotted Line

Thus far, we’ve traversed the terrain of horizontal lines. Yet the elusive dotted line beckons, whispering its charm. Fear not, for you now possess the wisdom to tread this path. First, birth a horizontal line as previously revealed. Then, in the embrace of the “Format” tab, summon forth the “Dotted” line style, and witness the metamorphosis.

Step 10: Aligning the Dotted Line

Picture this: the dotted line, awaiting alignment. Choose its destined stance, be it left, center, or right, with a mere click through the conduit of the “Format” tab, which empowers your chosen alignment to take form.

Step 11: Resizing the Dotted Line

The wisdom you’ve amassed grants you control over size. As with the horizontal line, employ your prowess over the blue-hued handles to achieve the desired proportions of your dotted line, in harmony with your visionary aspirations.

Step 12: Duplicating the Dotted Line

Master of creation, the power to duplicate lies at your fingertips. Merely select the line, invoking the sacred keyboard command “Ctrl + C” (Windows) or “Command + C” (Mac). Guided by your cursor, select the destined location, and with a whisper of “Ctrl + V” (Windows) or “Command + V” (Mac), witness the birth of multiple dotted lines, multiplying your visual wonders.

Step 13: Removing the Dotted Line

Eternal creator, even the grandest designs may require revision. To part ways with a dotted line, select it with resolve, invoking the sanctified keystroke of the “Delete” or “Backspace” key, thus liberating your document from this visual thread.


Can I change the color of the dotted line in Google Docs?

Indeed! The power lies within your grasp. Select the line, ascend to the toolbar, and with a mere click, reveal a panoply of colors from which to adorn your dotted line.

Can I resize the dotted line in Google Docs?

Verily, you hold the key to such mastery. The handles, blue-hued sentinels, stand vigilant at both ends of the line. With a delicate grasp, alter the size according to your visual reverie.

How do I align the dotted line in Google Docs?

Fear not, for alignment is but a simple decree away. Select the line, seek the sanctuary of the “Format” tab, and there, your choice awaits: left, center, or right.

Can I duplicate the dotted line in Google Docs?

By your will, it shall be so. Command the sacred keystrokes – “Ctrl + C” (Windows) or “Command + C” (Mac) – to copy. Navigate to the chosen realm, and with a breath of “Ctrl + V” (Windows) or “Command + V” (Mac), marvel as the dotted line multiplies, fulfilling your duplicative desires.

How do I remove the dotted line in Google Docs?

Even in the grand tapestry of creation, revision plays a vital role. Select the line, stand resolute, and with the divine strokes of “Delete” or “Backspace,” bid the dotted line farewell, its role in your document complete.


Rejoice, for your journey nears its conclusion. The artistry of a dotted line has woven its enchantment into your Google Docs domain. Armed with this wisdom, you stand ready to craft visually appealing, mesmerizing documents, destined to stand apart amidst the sea of uniformity. Embrace the challenge, dare to experiment, and bask in the radiant glow of your achievements!

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