6 Light and Airy Lightroom Presets With (Before & After Photo)



Light and Airy Lightroom Presets

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Light and airy photography has gained huge popularity in recent years. The soft, dreamy aesthetic it creates is visually appealing and has become a favorite among photographers and Instagrammers alike. To achieve this look, many photographers rely on Lightroom presets.

In this article, we will explore six light and airy Lightroom presets that can effortlessly transform your photos. Each preset will be accompanied by a before and after photo to showcase the remarkable difference these presets can make.

1. Preset Name 1: Ethereal Delight

The Ethereal Delight preset is perfect for creating an enchanting and ethereal atmosphere in your photos. It enhances natural light, softens shadows, and adds a touch of warmth to your images. This preset works exceptionally well for outdoor portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle photography.

Before And After Photo

2. Preset Name 2: Airy Serenity

With the Airy Serenity preset, your photos will exude a sense of serenity and tranquility. It enhances brightness and softens colors, creating a peaceful and calming effect. This preset works wonders for beach scenes, nature photography, and interior shots.

Before And After Photo

3. Preset Name 3: Dreamy Whispers

The Dreamy Whispers preset is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your photos. It adds a soft haze, enhances light pastels, and brings out dreamy details. This preset is ideal for wedding, portrait, and fashion photography.

Before And After Photo

4. Preset Name 4: Luminous Glow

Create a radiant and luminous look with the Luminous Glow preset. It enhances natural light, adds a gentle glow, and makes colors appear more vibrant. This preset is well-suited for food photography, lifestyle shots, and outdoor scenes with lots of greenery.

Before And After Photo

5. Preset Name 5: Soft Breeze

The Soft Breeze preset adds a soft and airy feel to your photos. It reduces contrast, boosts highlights, and adds a subtle coolness to the overall tone. This preset is excellent for portraits, street photography, and cityscapes.

Before And After Photo

6. Preset Name 6: Delicate Bliss

For a delicate and blissful aesthetic, the Delicate Bliss preset is the perfect choice. It softens colors, reduces saturation, and enhances highlights for a soft and romantic feel. This preset shines in wedding photography, engagements, and lifestyle shots.

Before And After Photo

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I install Lightroom presets?

Installing Lightroom presets is a simple process. Open Lightroom, go to the Develop module, and navigate to the Presets section on the left-hand side. Right-click on the “Presets” folder and select “Import.” Locate your downloaded preset files and click “Import.” The presets will now appear in your Lightroom presets list.

2. Can I adjust the intensity of the presets?

Yes, you can adjust the intensity of the presets to suit your desired look. In Lightroom, use the sliders to adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and other settings until you achieve the desired effect.

3. Will these presets work on both RAW and JPEG files?

Yes, these presets are designed to work with both RAW and JPEG files. However, keep in mind that RAW files offer more flexibility in post-processing.

4. Can I use these presets on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use these presets on Lightroom mobile. Simply sync your Lightroom desktop presets with the mobile version and start editing your photos on the go.

5. Are these presets compatible with different camera brands?

Yes, these presets are compatible with all major camera brands, including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, and more. They can be applied to images taken with any camera.


Light and airy Lightroom presets offer a quick and easy way to achieve a beautiful and dreamy aesthetic in your photos. With the presets mentioned in this article, you can effortlessly transform your images and create stunning visual narratives. Experiment with different presets and find the ones that best suit your personal style and subject matter. Get ready to wow your audience with captivating light and airy photographs that leave a lasting impression.

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