How To Circle A Word In Google Docs: A Step By Step Guide

Prepare to embark on a spellbinding journey through the vast realm of Google Docs, a multifaceted word processing tool that beckons you with promises of visual opulence and textual splendor.

Within this virtual domain lies a hidden gem, a coveted feature that bestows upon you the power to encircle specific words or phrases, capturing attention with finesse. Prepare to unravel the enigma of circling a word in Google Docs through this labyrinthine step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open Google Docs – Unveiling the Portal

Venture forth into the digital wilderness, summoning your trusty web browser to transport you to the sacred realm of To unlock the gate, either wield your Google account or, if uninitiated, embark on a quest to create one.

Step 2: Create or Open a Document – The Path Begins

The blank canvas awaits your creative touch, and to conjure a new document, fixate your gaze upon the “+ Blank” button, perched gracefully in the top-left corner of your screen. However, if an existing document craves your magic touch, tread upon the path to the realm where your circled word shall find a home.

Step 3: Type Your Text – The Written Incantation

With unfaltering fingers, grace the document with your eloquent prose, illuminating the virtual parchment with the words of your choosing. Should the word to be encircled already grace your script, seek its presence amidst the text’s tapestry.

Step 4: Highlight the Word – The Art of Illumination

Like a seasoned illuminator of ancient manuscripts, wield your cursor with precision and grace. At the word’s inception, engage in a sacred click, then grasp the left mouse button with unwavering determination. Draw forth the cursor’s might, sweeping it to the right until the word stands enveloped in the splendor of selection. Behold! The chosen word shall now bask in a resplendent hue, akin to the fabled blue or another hue, dictated by your sovereign system settings.

Step 5: Open the “Drawing” Tool – Unleashing Creative Potential

Within the exalted top menu, the “Insert” beckons you with its allure. Hover over this sacred sigil and witness the manifestation of a celestial dropdown. Choose “Drawing,” and thus shall the path to creativity unfold.

Step 6: Create a Drawing – The Canvas of Artistry

A new window materializes before your awe-struck gaze, revealing the sanctified “Drawing” interface. Here, an array of artistic tools awaits your beckoning. To erect a circle around the word, place your faith in the “Shape” icon – an emblem, reminiscent of a square cradling a circle within.

Step 7: Draw the Circle – The Arcane Manifestation

With a deft click upon the “Shape” icon, the heavens unveil an offering of shapes, each vying for your favor. The circle, with its allure of perfect symmetry, claims your heart. Behold, the canvas is graced with a circle of divine origin.

Step 8: Resize and Position the Circle – Mastery Over Form

The circle, pliant to your desires, offers its dimensions for your manipulation. With sublime authority, lay claim to the corners and edges, summoning the circle’s metamorphosis to your whim. Mold it to the size that aligns with your visionary aspirations, and guide it to the word that craves its embrace.

Step 9: Customize the Circle – Aesthetic Empowerment

The circle, now a testament to your artistic prowess, yearns for further enrichment. Through the mystical arts of customization, alter its appearance to reflect your creative spirit. Behold the “Drawing” toolbar, a treasury of formatting options, where color, line thickness, and even additional shapes like arrows await your decree.

Step 10: Save and Insert the Drawing – The Sanctum’s Benediction

Your circled word, now resplendent, beseeches preservation. Bestow upon it the gift of permanence with a reverent click on the “Save and Close” button, nestled humbly in the bottom-right corner of the “Drawing” window. As you complete this ritual, the drawing shall be inscribed upon your Google Docs document, embracing the circled word with the embrace of artistic charm.

Step 11: Adjust the Position – Harmonizing the Elements

In the pursuit of perfection, the drawing and text may seek alignment. Yield to this celestial dance and shift the drawing’s position with a simple click and drag. Witness as it glides through the ether, finding its rightful place in the symphony of your creation.

Step 12: Finalize Your Document – Nurturing Your Creation

With the circled word now commanding attention, continue your epic journey of editing and formatting. Save your changes at regular intervals, lest the ravages of digital oblivion threaten your creative masterpiece.


Congratulations, noble wordsmith! You have successfully mastered the art of circling a word in Google Docs, a skill bestowed upon you with visual enchantment and elegant flair. Bear in mind that this arcane technique extends its embrace to multiple words and phrases throughout your literary opus.

Embrace the vast palette of Google Docs’ features, for with each stroke of creativity, your content shall emerge as a beacon of distinction. As the sun sets on this guide, embrace your creative destiny and write forth with newfound artistic zeal. Happy writing!

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