How to Rating, Flagging and Filtering Photos in Lightroom Classic CC?



How to Rating, Flagging and Filtering Photos in Lightroom Classic CC

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In this article, you’re going to learn how to filter and rate your photos in lightroom?

So that you can easily find the photos you want to edit now or in the future. I’ve opened up this folder of practice photos just the general practice photos.

We’re going to start working within the next lessons on actually editing a couple quick things though really quick for making your experience better.

You can easily open and close these windows or mac in lightroom to expand your workspace make it easier to see the photos by clicking these little arrows right here.

What you will learn from this article with details explanation

So, I can turn off the photo tray down there. I can turn off our menu up there.

We have a better full screen view and then just hovering over one of the menus on the top bottom or the sides will actually open it up or just clicking that arrow will re-open it up and kind of lock it in place.

Once we’re done sort of going through an opening up our collection. We don’t necessarily need that.

And the other thing is by clicking the green button up here on a Mac or there should be a similar sort of full screen view button up at the top.

You can get rid of your file menu which you don’t necessarily need right now.

All right so in Lightroom you have different options for reading photos.

Before rating your photos first organization is very important.

To know more about How to Organize Photos in Lightroom Classic CC

Why would you want to sort of raise or flag your photos?

The main reason is to choose the best photos that you’ve shot to actually move forward with editing.

A lot of times you’ll import an entire folder of photos from a shoot you might shoot hundreds of photos at a portrait session or a wedding or something like that.

And you might need to go through and pick your best ones.

How many ways to rate photos in lightroom?

There are different two ways to rate.

  • A lightroom Star rating system.
  • A flag rating system in lightroom classic cc

And then there’s also a color label labeling sort of option. I use the star rating system to add a star rating to a photo.

All you have to do is to go to that photo and click one of these star ratings right here.

What Keyboard shortcut to rate lightroom photos?

You can use the keyboard shortcut which is the number one two three four or five on your keyboard and that’s a great shortcut.

So, I can literally go through just with my hands on the keyboard press the right arrow button to go to the next photo.

Say yep I like that photo. Go to the next one and you decide

What do these ratings mean for me?

Five stars. I mean this is a great photo.

Definitely going to add it for Star. Stars mean it’s a pretty good photo.

I’m still going to edit it but it’s not my favourite photo.

So, if I’m like posting on social media or something I’ll know ahead of time. That only Five-Star photos are really the ones that I should pay close attention to.

With editing, three stars can be whatever that could be for you. Yes, I’m going to edit it but it’s not a great photo. And then one and two stars might be photos that you’re just not even going to edit.

So, if I press one for example set down as one will said this one is too well set.

This one is three.

This one is two.

And this one has one now with these all have star ratings.

All right then, if we go through them you can see that it changes right here. At the same time, you could also use the flag rating so you have these flag or a flag.

How to pick and reject photos in lightroom?

Basically, this pick or reject. The keyboard shortcuts are P or X.

Instead of using a rating system you want to just pick or reject. You can do that.

So, say we do this is the pick. This is a pick this is X reject or reject is one is a pick.

This is a reject and then this one is a reject as well.

You’ll notice that has the little flag symbol up here and the ones that are rejected.

They’re kind of faded out down here in our little tray down here your photo tray the other way you can label it as by giving a color.

So, if you right click and choose the set label you can set a label to a different color.

Now, this again it’s up to you how you use these colors.

You could say, Oh red is my great photos or yellow or my great photos. I want to edit and then green is my not so great photos.

It really is up to you to determine

Why do you want to choose a color label?

That’s up to you. Let me just set this one to read so that we’ll see that later on and you’ll see down here kind of the background is red.

So this one right click color label Blue. That’s all good and everything that we can actually rate our photos.

How do we filter them?

Well, we have these filtering options down here in the bottom right.

Right now the filters are off. If you just click one of these filters it will turn it on.

So for an example,

We have the accepted and reject filter right here. So if we click the filter for flagged photos only the flag photos appear.

If we click the UN flag photo as well.

This means we are now selecting photos that have been flagged and ones that haven’t been given a flag rating. If I check the flag of the button again it will turn that off.

So you see you have to kind of double click it to turn them on and then off.

I can also just go and or rejects right there. And so maybe you need to go through these again and say oh actually this one right here is going to be a pick.

If we actually press that button it automatically filters that it moves it to our flagged photos and now it won’t appear in our reject bin.

Does that make sense for our flags?

Next, we have our star rating.

Here we can set our star rating. If we click a star it will automatically defer to photos that haven’t been giving a rating of three stars or greater.

If we click four stars it will be four stars or greater. Five stars or greater or one star or greater.

Or you can click a little equal sign down here and choose what you want it to be. It could be less than or equal to or equal to.

Maybe we just want to see three star photos. So you said that to equal to three stars clicking the rating again.

We’ll turn that off and then let’s just turn off. Rating is greater than or equal to.

Now we’ll show all of our photos again. Then lastly you can filter by color so we marked one as red and we also marked one is blue.

How do the best way to filter photos?

So clicking those will open those photos up.

These buttons right here are based off. If you’ve edited the photos or not. We have edited photos or edited photos.

Since we haven’t edited any if we click on edited filter. Then all of those will disappear and you can combine these. We can say we want unedited photos that are three stars or higher and red filters.

So you can combine those types of ratings. However, you want at the core though.

What I do is basically using the star rating to say that these are photos?

I’m going to edit and these ones I’m not. You can do the same thing with the flag or not flag.

I just like having the stars so that I can also tell myself at the same time that these are the best photos.

These are good.

I’m still going to edit them. And these are just not so great photos.

So that’s how you filter photos.

We’re also going to look at Face tagging in the next article and a couple of other minor things.

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