Why iPhone Camera is Better Than Most Android Devices?

Apple is one of the most popular brand name in the mobile world. One of its products that we use as mobile is called iPhone.The camera of the iPhone is capable of taking much better quality pictures than other Android phones. Right!

Why iPhone Camera is Better Than Most Android Devices? Due to the large size of the sensor size of the iPhone’s camera, it receives more light and can capture very good dynamic range due to the software’s nice match with their camera, so we get very crisp and clear pictures from the iPhone’s camera.

Apple has made the camera of their iPhone phone so powerful that it can take better pictures than other Android and professional DSLR cameras.

So, in this article we have fully discussed why iPhone photography and iPhone camera A to Z and its camera is so much more powerful than Android mobile camera. If you want to know why its camera is so powerful then keep reading with us.

Why iPhone 8MP Camera is Better Than Most Of The Android Camera?

The iPhone has been working very well with their phone hardware and software since the beginning. Those who use the iPhone more often must have noticed that the phone never compromises with their software.

They always use high quality software and hardware on their iPhone. The hardware of a phone works very well only when its software works in a very nice way and in a very smooth way.

iPhone 8mp Camera is Better Than Most Android Devices

So with an 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone, the camera on all other Android phones struggles to compete. The iPhone uses the picture-to-picture system in their camera, adding extra sharpness and extra detail to their picture.

They have been using a very beautiful one of dynamic range in their phone camera for a long time. Dynamic range is the part of your image that keeps the black part more natural and the part that needs light is beautifully illuminated. So that there is harmony and balance between the two colors.

The iPhone Camera Basic A to Z

In this section we will discuss all the camera features of the iPhone that make the iPhone more powerful and take your photography step to another level.

The Basic Features and Setups Of Your iPhone.

All right guys let’s go ahead now and dive right into the basic features and setups of your iPhone. It doesn’t really matter what version of the iPhone that you have. Most versions are going to look very similar to the layout of your iPhone default camera app.

How To Make a Focus Point On iPhone Camera?

All right the first things first when you click and tap on the screen. Where you can see that creating a focus point meaning if I wanted to focus on this any subject.

Now if I want to hold that any object in place meaning I want to actually really focus there just click and hold down. What you’ll see now is this a slash A/F block. That means the focus point is locked on to wherever you clicked and held.

Now there are a few other things that are really kind of essential to understand here and they’re very basic but it’s also important to know.

What is The Sun Icon On An iPhone Camera App?

if you click and let’s say let’s hold right here in the middle of the screen you can see this little sun icon. If you scroll up you’re going to see now the picture or the image is getting lighter. Right!

And if we scroll down just with your finger you can see it’s getting much darker. This is your aperture.

What’s happening here is your adjusting the amount of light that you’re letting into the lens of your camera.

So if you wanted to bring some light in the image. Yeah, let’s go a little bit lighter. Bring in a little bit more light because some of the images are darker. You can always manually adjust by swiping with your finger.

You can see now we’re way overexposed meaning there’s too much light coming in to the lens. And if we would go ahead and take our picture.

Well, it just wouldn’t look very good to see it’s losing a lot of detail unless you wanted your photo to look this way.

So what is really neat is it automatically defaults just by clicking to a very solid automatic aperture. Meaning if you were to click right in the middle of the screen and you go ahead and take your photo.

If I go and look at my photo now that looks pretty evenly exposed meaning we see enough detail enough light without losing the idea of what we’re trying to capture here instead of having our overexposed image.

How To Preview Images Directly From iPhone Camera App?

You want to preview any images just click the bottom left hand corner and it should take you right to that preview window that you just saw. You can preview the image at any time by clicking in the preview box below.

How To Use Flash in A iPhone Camera?

The Top left hand corner here we have our flash. So if you click on the little lightning bolt it says auto on and off. I’m going to go ahead and turn it on.

Just for demonstration purposes and you can see that the lightning bolt now is lit up it is yellow.

So if I go ahead and click my shutter button just a little button at the bottom. Go ahead click. That you can see it took that picture.

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at what it actually took. See how it flashed the kind of right in the middle here and everything else is kind of darker in the background.

That’s because I didn’t do a very good job of actually exposing this and well the flash they’re the only kind of got a little bit.

So if I wanted to go up a little bit more right and then go ahead and click the photo you can see here that looks much better right.

And that’s all because of where I focus and I put my focus point and where I wanted the camera to actually put its attention looking ahead and clicked back and we’re going to turn our flash off for the moment.

How To Use Live View In iPhone Camera?

The next little spot here is the live photo feeds. If you click on this live option. Now say Live Now what does a live photo mean?

If you’re using an iPhone I think it’s like eight and above you’ll have this live photo option. And basically what it does is if you click the bottom here and take my picture and then move right.

So I’m actually going to move and take the picture at the same time.

If you go back into my camera and you click and hold down on the screen so click and hold down and get a hold on pretty hard you’ll see that it’ll start to move.

It’s a live picture what it’s happening is the camera is taking a one second before and one second video of that picture of that snap that you just kind of took.

I would consider actually playing around with this a little bit but just to demonstrate again if you click and hold down you can see one second before then there is the picture and then it goes and it’s done.

So that’s the live image option. I don’t use it very often.

But again you can always use it if you want to. Let’s go ahead and turn that off just by clicking and it turns off.

How To Use Timer Options?

We go ahead and click on that and we click on three seconds. What we’re going to see is we’re going to have a countdown timer and then we’re going to take the picture.

Let’s go ahead and click on our shutter assemble three to one and boom there goes our picture.

I probably didn’t time that out the right way but I have the burst feature on as well so we’re going to turn that off.

You are our see it in the little top left hand corner first ten photos. We now have our 10 photos there.

And yeah that’s how we can count down and do a count down timer in case you don’t have somebody to hold the phone for you or maybe you have a couple of other people in the picture or you want to actually have a countdown timer.

The Color Filters On iPhone Camera

Nowadays color filter options are not seen in their default camera app on various Android phones but iPhone has been coming up with this feature of color filter in their default camera app for a long time which takes your camera power one step further.

To turn on the color filter you will find a colorful circle option on the top right side of the iPhone’s default camera option where you can activate all the color filters by clicking.

You can then use any color filter of your choice. To turn off the color filter, go back to that option and select normal boot, then the default camera filter will be turned on again.

How To Take A Selfie On A iPhone Camera?

Like the rear camera of the iPhone, its selfie camera is much more powerful. With selfie camera you can easily make your picture much brighter and more beautiful.

To turn on the selfie camera, you will find a flip camera option on the bottom right side of the iPhone’s camera. Just click here and your front camera will be turned on.

The way we usually take pictures with the rear camera is the way you can take your selfie in a very beautiful way.

Final Words

Due to the powerful camera of the iPhone, we are losing the love that we had on Android phones day by day and the use of the iPhone is increasing day by day.

The iPhone makes their software much better and their hardware is very compatible with their phone so everyone is using it as a very powerful phone camera.

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