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Landscapes Lightroom Mobile Presets

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Free Lightroom Presets for Landscapes Photo, I love nature like you. As a photographer or a photo freak buddy, I took a lot of landscape photographs. When I take a photo with my digital camera or mobile phone camera it looks horrible without properly editing the photograph.

But the process is so easy for me. Do you want to know why?

Now a day’s we all have mobile phones and computer rights. But one thinks we don’t know how to edit a landscape photo with what you have on your hand and your desk.

Free Lightroom Presets for Landscapes Photo Editing
Presets for Landscapes Photo Editing

Let me tell you how you can use those devices and edit your photo with an application called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC.

But one thing is that we all need free things, but it is not free only for pc. But I have a great solution for Beginners like you.

We all have android and iOS devices on our hand, you can download the mobile app both from the App Store and Google Play Store.

It’s totally free for you. Only you need presets to edit like a pro. You can watch this youtube video to know how to use Lightroom presets on mobile devices.

If you have lightroom users already get ready to download our free presets. There are 10 free .xmp formatted presets that you can use and enhance your awesome landscape photo. That’s a trick I’ll share later in the post to know more.

10+ Nordic Landscapes Lightroom Presets

I don’t know about these presets very much. But a week ago I use one of these and it looks great to my photos. Truly Awesome. This is not one preset it’s a pack or whatever you called like a bundle.

This bundle has 15 .lrtemplate files, if you have the latest Lightroom application is automatically updated its own.

On this pack, you get Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC and Classic CC on both Mac and PC, All presets work on JPG and RAW images, Instant digital download files are here.

PLEASE NOTE: Since every day in nature is unique and every photographer uses his or her personal settings, there is no such thing as a ‘one-click preset’. You will always have to fine-tune the basic settings – particularly Color-Temperature, Exposure, and the Blacks and Whites under the ‘Basic’ panel. Therefore every preset is meant as a starting point.

How to install Lightroom preset properly here is a helpful blog link.

30+ Vintage Landscapes Presets

Every photo-like portraits or architecture need a special look and edit, This presets will also work on it. But it specially created for landscapes.

It’s specially created to give professional and enthusiast photographers to get beautiful, unique effects for their portraits and other images.

As soon as you get into this vintage bundle you are just thinking about other presets.

But let me tell you these presets are specially made for those photographers who want to make his Instagram profile make awesome with the colorful grid that matches his style.

Haha, that’s all for you. Remember one thing before you use this pack of it’s depend on you. Do you want this free pack of presets vintage look?

20+ Moody Landscapes Lightroom Presets

Do you know what is dark and moody photo means, let me tell you about it? Moody- when the light isn’t good by the standards no colour on the sky but you have that one colour its called dark earth colour.

Simply watch this photo inspired by the natural colors, found in soil, rocks, vegetation, and water.

I think you understand about this pack. This collection of 22 Moody Lightroom presets free download you can edit your photographs and get a desaturated or dramatic look.

The presets will work best on landscape and nature photos with the cloudy or overcast sky. But they will also work on other types of photography like travel, urban or lifestyle.

This product consists of 13 main presets for the moody and faded look – each with a different focus. All presets have been extensively tested to work with a wide variety of images.

There are also 4 grain presets included as well as 5 vignette presets to add the finishing touch to your photos.

10+ Winter Vibe Landscapes Lightroom Presets

My main objective is to take your Lightroom editing to the next level. just studying outside welding required as it is extremely important benefits to read other creative editing processes.

This way you can learn today. You did not possible as well as apply this do your homework. so let’s just get started.

Go happy about that because I really do love winter photography. It’s probably one of the best seasons in the year for getting out kicking images and want to have all kinds of challenges.

It also has all kinds of unique opportunities. Just only in the next year. I’m going to be doing a lot of what the snow I’ll be choosing the election January and I’ll be writing e-books, all of that. And then you February and March, I’ll be in.

For a couple of workshops what I want to write this article, both autistic and practical for taking photographs in the snow such as about composition, snow gives you this unique opportunity for a minute.

I know I really do the above minimalist composition. The fewer elements in an image, a la carte often it’s hard to create and minimalist landscape and they just really just give you a chance to do that.

Part of a photographic competition, but when you should incredibly snowy, landscapes, kind of winds, everything out everything, you a difference, you’ve got to clean full ground.

It’s like a blank pilot that you can start with and even batteries, when you’ve got these text, just as I said, correction, by when the wind’s blowing through and it gives you just kind of, like, a little review and that’s a little kind of bridges in the snow, which are really good.

If I have to pull the ground effect. Here are some of my 16 Original presets collections links.


Landscape photos are very natural in all ways. But without a good edit, your photos will look dumb to your audience.

So remember that the style and the gesture are very important for your identity.

These 10 Free Lightroom Presets for Landscapes Photography are absolutely free for you.

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