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Urban Lightroom Mobile Presets

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All of these Urban Lightroom Presets Free Download are perfectly useful for your excellent photographs. If you are looking for suitable Lightroom presets for free download then you are in the right place. We have given some of the best quality free, and premium Lightroom presets.

Looking for the best lightroom presets?

We’ve got you covered. Urban Lightroom Presets are designed to give your photos a professional look and feel with just one click. Our presets will make your images pop! They work on any photo, whether it’s taken in natural or artificial lighting conditions. You can use them as they come or customize them to suit your needs.

With our presets, you don’t have to worry about spending hours trying different filters and adjustments until you find the perfect combination of settings that works for you – we’ve done all the hard work for you! And if there’s ever an issue with our product, we’ll be happy to help resolve it quickly and easily via email support. It’s like having a personal photography assistant at your fingertips!

Click here right now and download some unlimited free urban lightroom presets today!

I know you are a well-known photographer, but we don’t have enough time to put our time into photo editing. It is so time-consuming, I think. But hold one I have an excellent solution for those kinds of street photographers who took their photos and edit on the go using Lightroom or Photoshop right.

If you are a street or fashion photographer, these tips will help you to edit your photographs in Lightroom. So let’s jump into it.

Look and Style: 10 Best Urban Lightroom Presets

Always remember to understand your editing style, like photo colors, contrast, sharpening, dehaze.

The street photographers still have a distorted kind of look at their photos. It looks very moody and contrasty photo.

That’s why I have put some perfectly suitable urban Lightroom presets

Which Camera You Should Use With These Urban Lightroom Presets

Camera gear is essential now a day. But the rule of photography is to do it with what you have. Don’t dream about expensive camera gear. The cheap camera also takes a decent quality photo with better photography skills.

Nowadays also the mobile camera should take some good quality pictures. Don’t worry about your gear.

But for these lightroom presets, I mostly used a Sony a7iii with an 85mm prime lens and a sigma 10-20mm sony e mount wide angle lens.

Which Photo Editing Software is Used

Adobe Lightroom is compelling photo editing software at this time. Always update your Lightroom software. It will give you a better photo editing experience.

Which Lens You Should Use

The lens is critical to choose from. The Sony 85mm prime lens and sigma wide-angle lens has always been my go-to lens for street photography and portraits. There are so many other famous and expensive lenses out there.

We give you some valuable information about street photography and some tips. Now it’s time to provide you with some best 10 urban Lightroom Presets.

This youtube video will help you to find out how these presets are and how you can use them in your photos.

10 Urbanistic Mobile Lightroom Presets Free Download

It gives your Instagram, blog, or website those trending looks that are so popular and you always wanted. Anyone can use them like Instagramers, Travelers, Bloggers, and Photographers.

They all can use our presets to get ultra, amazing looks, and consistency in their work. Turn your Instagram into a professional and become an influence.

10 Pastel Urban Lightroom Presets Free Download

This Presets are specifically designed to create easily unique tones and styles you desire.

You can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers and attracts potential clients. This pack is specially designed for Pastel Style lovers to help them create a particular atmosphere and mood for their pictures.

10 Professional Urban Tones Presets for Photographers

Are you looking for some new presets to give your photos a fresh look?

Urban Lightroom Presets are the perfect way to add an urban tone to your images. These presets will help you create moody, gritty, and cinematic looks with just one click. They’re compatible with both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC/6+.

We know that finding the right presets can be difficult so we created these professional-quality presets for photographers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced photographer, Urban Lightroom Presets has something for everyone! You’ll love how easy it is to use these professionally designed presets in order to achieve stunning results every time.

Urban Photography Lightroom Presets 10 was created to achieve professional results and speed up your workflow. Give your images a professional look straight out of Lightroom & Photoshop.

These urban presets will add detailed Urban tones and make your photos look full and enriched With these, presets you will be able to enhance your pictures within minutes.

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Start your Cityscape Photography workflow in Lightroom with these exclusive presets. These presets are specially developed for Cityscape photographers.

10 Best Moody Urban Presets

Looking for a new way to edit your photos?

We’ve got you covered. Urban Lightroom Presets are the perfect tool for photographers looking to add moody tones and effects to their images. They’re designed by professional photographers who know what it takes to make an image pop, so they’ll work with any camera or editing software. These presets will help you create stunning photographs in seconds!

With these presets, you can quickly change the look of your photo without having to spend hours tweaking each individual setting. You don’t need expensive gear or complicated skills – just download our free trial pack today and see how easy it is!

Download our free trial pack now and start editing like a pro!

This Pack of 5 Lightroom presets is made for moody photographers. It has Included

  • Chrysler
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Manhattan
  • NY Traffic
  • NYPD

These are XMP files and are only compatible with Latest Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Camera Raw.

Point To be noted: Lightroom presets only work in Lightroom. Based on your shooting method, lighting or colors in your photos they strength doesn’t work. Usually, you have to adjust to make them fit your photo work.

10 Urban Lightroom Mobile Presets Pack

It is ideal for Photographers, Bloggers, Web Designers & Graphic Designers. All Lightroom Presets are fully customizable. DNG Format.

10 Best Sellers Urban Life Lightroom Presets

This Collection was specially created for those people who give professional and enthusiast photographers beautiful, unique effects for their wedding, fashion, portrait, and family images. This file template format is a little old, but it’s okay.

If you need more lightroom presets. Here are 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets For Beach Photos. You can use them in your travel photographs.

When you install it on your personal computer, it automatically updated. It has 50 Perfect Urban Lifestyle Lightroom Presets.

10 Urban Pro NightSight Lightroom Presets

This Pro 99+ Lightroom Presets is meant for Street & Urban Photographers Who Want to Edit Their Photo Moody, Stylish, Vivid, Cool, Dope Tones, Pro Setting, Amazing Effects.

So you can get unlimited lightroom presets by purchasing a subscription to Envato Elements. Below you can get it and it’s really cheap. But with that, you will get other valuable things like WordPress themes, royalty-free music, stock videos, stock images, and more.

10 Urban Cityscape Presets For Lightroom CC

Day-time Architecture, Urban day-time photography. I use to work in Feature Film Production working on various color corrections.

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TIP: After assigning the presets, work with your EXPOSURE, HIGHLIGHTS, CONTRAST, WHITES & BLACK. Every photo is taken at different lighting conditions. Each picture will have natural different lighting conditions.

10 Urban City Premium Pack Lightroom Mobile Presets

Each photo will have natural different lighting conditions, so make sure to spend time tweaking how you want your brightness and contrast and the creative colors work with your EXPOSURE, HIGHLIGHTS, CONTRAST, WHITES & BLACK. Works on RAW and JPEG images.

10 Desaturated Urban Lightroom Presets Pack Free Download

These work great to give you that Cool Urban Desaturated and Contrasted Look you are looking for.

Urban Desaturated Lightroom Presets works in Street Photography, Fashion, Landscape, Fine Art Photography, Indoor/Outdoor Photoshoots, Portraits, Instagrammers, and pretty much all creative photography.

All our present presets are one hundred percent non-destructive, meaning you can reset with just one click to the image’s original state, keeping your original Raw image always safe.

It has 20+ presets and How to install Lightroom Presets (PDF) for help instructions.


Did you like anything on that 10 Best Sellers Urban Lightroom Presets Free Download list? We guys would love to hear all your valuable feedback. Feel free to put a comment below.

If you want some help that how you can edit your pictures on adobe lightroom classic cc. Some helpful links are given below. Thank you.

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