How To ADD Lightroom Presets That Speed Up Your Workflow

Welcome to this new section of How To ADD Lightroom Presets That Speed Up Your Workflow. In this section, I’m going to give you some more advanced tips and workflow practices that will speed up your editing and also make it better.

How To Add Lightroom Presets That Speed Up Your Workflow? Really, I want to talk about the presets are a great way for you to quickly start editing your photos and especially if you are a professional photographer or you do a photoshoot.

So I’m using some extra photos. I will give all of the images down below. I’ve included them in this section if you want to follow along it really doesn’t matter what photos you’re working with in this first lesson.

For an example, if you’re doing a wedding or a portrait photoshoot and you have dozens or sometimes hundreds of photos in the same location or even throughout the entire day in different locations.

Photo Style and Lightroom Presets – Full Guide

You want to edit in the same style or the same colors in your photos. You can add lightroom presets.

So here in lightroom, if you go and open up this left hand side panel you’ll notice that you have a number of presets and folders of presets.

You won’t have all of these because some of these are folders that I’ve actually imported from presets that I’ve either created or ones that I’ve downloaded online.

Hey look, you can download lightroom presets for absolutely free. You can check out our website free lightroom presets sections or given state below.

But you’ll have some of them and for example if we go under creative if you just hover over these presets.

Oh! sorry, you need to import those lightroom presets to your compatible devices. Here is an article I have to describe how to import lightroom presets to your computer and mobile devices.

you’ll see that the image starts to change over here in our editor.

So you might find one that you like for example this desaturate contrast.

And if you click it you see that the effects already start to be applied over here on the right-hand side and then you can go ahead and edit yourself and adjust it if you need it. And this sometimes is necessary.

Say you’re taking a bunch of photos some have different exposures.

If you add the same exact filter you might still need to fix things like exposure.

You can also create your own presets. Here is a Youtube video that explain how to create your own lightroom presets.

How To Make Your OWN Lightroom PRESETS

So say you’ve made a bunch of edits you have done it all completely by scratch. You can actually click this plus button next to the presets menu and choose create preset.

And now you can select which settings that you’ve edited that you want to include in this preset. So you would go ahead and click all the options.

For example often you might not want to choose things like lens corrections or different things like sharpening because it depends on really what photo you’re using that you might want to turn those on or off.

Then you can also choose where you want to save it.

You can create a new group for example maybe you come up with colorful presets or black and white presets of your own.

So you might want to create a new group or you can just leave it under the sort of default user presets or under one of the other folders that have been created.

So I’ll just call the preset test and then choose to create. And now under user presets we have these presets. We can be called the preset folder as Your Name, a good title like cinematic presets, urban presets and the year.

That was one of the presets, I use for I believe editing my own wedding photos and then preset test.

All right.

You can delete any presets or rename them by right clicking them deleting them renaming them etc..

Now what if you have a preset or find a preset online.

So sometimes you’ll go online to different photographer’s website or sites like this one called Free Lightroom presets by and they have lots of different presets and you might want to use them.

Sometimes they require you to give them your email address sometimes they don’t. So for example, if we want to take the Dark and Moody Lightroom Preset you’ll have to download it.

How to Import and Install Lightroom Preset (Fastest As Possible)

Usually you get a file which is the preset file. So I’m just going to put this on my desktop for now.

It’s a zip file. So I’m going to unzip it.

Now in this file we have this file which is the Moody Portrait template file. So you’ll notice that it has the extension (.DNG) .

It’s basically a lightroom template file. This file now also support on camera raw in Photoshop cc 2020.

So this is what we’re going to import into Lightroom. If you go back to Lightroom in the preset folder you can click the plus button and choose import presets.

It’s going to open up your finder and you’re going to find the preset that you want to import to find it choose import and now it’s in the desktop. Use your presets.

So if I click on that we have that preset that we downloaded online everything is editable so we can go ahead and edit it just like the other presets.

We can move it around from folder to folder. If you want or create your own folders specifically for presets from that website.

However you want to organize them. But I do recommend definitely staying as organized as possible.

So this is just a really quick way to basically apply the same style to a bunch of photos at once. Basically just by going from one photo to the next say we go to our next photo down here.

And we want to apply the lightroom presets. All we have to do is click that button and we’re good to go.


All right so that’s How to add lightroom preset that may blezing fast your photo editing workflow.

Next lesson and we’re going to be looking at color profiles. which are some what similar in terms of presets. But it’s a quick way to adjust the colors of your images in Lightroom.

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